About the i2i Network

Belonging to the i2i Network is like having your own personal sales team, because all the members carry copies of your business card with them. When they meet someone who they believe would benefit from your professional service they hand out your card and personally recommend your business. During the last 3 years we have generated business worth over £800,000 between members of the i2i Network by using the business development plans in place to deliver business growth. It really is as simple as that.

The i2i Network is a not-for-profit business and professional organisation. Only one member from a profession or industry can be represented at any one time in order to avoid any conflict of interest.  

How We Operate

Following breakfast, each meeting consists of every member being given a chance to deliver a 1 minute presentation on what they do, and what connections (introductions) they would like to receive from fellow members during the coming fortnight.

Presentations are followed by a more infprmal Meet-and-Greet mingle between members, whene you can discuss a members services in more detail.

Some meetings will also include a more in-depth 10 minute presentation from a member, giving them the chance to further enhance and expand on their services and plans.

i2i Fees

Joining the i2i Network is very straightforward. A monthly charge of £35 covers all expenses, including breakfast. 

(If your industy or profession is already represented within the Network we will be happy to hold your details in case an opportunity opens up in the future.)

When do we meet?

We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday morning from 6.45 to 8.30. Breakfast is included for every meeting. Once a member, if you are unable to to attend a meeting, we welcome a substitute in the form of a fellow business partner, colleague or business contact to attend the meeting on your behalf.

Our Results

Over the last 3 years, over £800,000 worth of business has exchanged between fellow members. 


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